Caries treatment

Conservative dentistry’s main focus is the caries treatment. Statistics show that 95% of people suffer from this disease. Even if it is trivial, its treatment also requires professionalism – a quality that is essential in our work.

Лечение на кариес в Marinova Dental Clinic
Surface caries
Deep caries

Caries is an infectious disease that leads to the destruction of the hard tissues of the teeth. It is the result of many factors – the structure of the enamel, the presence of micro-organisms, the frequent intake of sugars and the decreased saliva production. Lack if dental hygiene is an issue. Food leftovers on the teeth containing sugars form acids, which cause the formation of caries. Thus, with excessive intake of sugars, you are at a greater risk of developing caries.

The color of caries may vary from yellow to black. The symptoms include pain and difficulty while eating. If complications occur what could follow is an inflammation of the nerve, a subsequent abscess and eventually losing the tooth.

Prevention of dental caries

Prevention of dental caries involves a number of measures. One of them is regular teeth cleaning. We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and brushing them after each meal. Another way to prevent caries is to stick to a low-sugar diet. A curious technique for the prevention of caries in children is to cure the cases of caries the mother has. This can reduce the risk of caries in her children because it eliminates the exchange of bacteria between them. Prevention is also provided by preventive examinations. This is the reason why we always take the initiative and regularly remind our patients regarding their upcoming prophylactic examination every six months.

The importance of materials for caries treatment

Our clinic uses the materials, ranked as the best in the world for making photopolymer fillings. If you need caries treatment, we are waiting for you in ‘Iztok’, Sofia.

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