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1.1 The site is owned by Dental Clinic “MARINOVA DENTAL-AIPDP” Ltd. with BULSTAT 204915271.
Terminological notes for the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions:

2.1. Dental Clinic Marinova Dental

2.2. “General Terms” – the rules that the User of accepts when using the platform.

The website and the information provided in it operate under the rules described below. Use of implies unconditional acceptance of all listed terms and conditions. If the user does not agree with one or more of the rules of use of, he has the right to refrain from using it, otherwise it is automatically accepted that he accepts all the conditions.

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– Marinova Dental does not guarantee the constant operation of

– Marinova Dental reserves the right to terminate access to certain material or the entire site for an unlimited period of time, whether planned or accidental, without any liability for any damages to the User.

– Marinova Dental reserves the right to redirect the User to other pages on the Internet, which are controlled by Marinova Dental. In this case, the General Terms and Conditions set out in these pages – to which he has been redirected – will apply to the User.

– Marinova Dental reserves the right to redirect the User to other pages on the Internet that are owned and controlled by third parties.

Marinova Dental has no control over the content of these pages, therefore it is not responsible for the timeliness, accuracy, precision of the information contained in the sites in question.


Информацията, намираща се на, по никакъв начин не бива да бъде интерпретирана като консултация. Всякакви действия на Потребителя, свързани с неговото здраве, права и законни интереси следва да бъдат направени след надлежна консултация със специалист в съответната област.

  1. Информацията, предоставена на, може да бъде обща и абстрактна. Правилното й прилагане в практиката зависи от правилната, включително правна, квалификация на множество факти от конкретната житейска ситуация, които може да не бъдат описани на Това е и причината, поради която Маринова Дентал не носи никаква отговорност, в случай че Потребителят приложи информацията в различна, по-сложна ситуация или ситуация със специфики, в резултат на което за Потребителя настъпят вреди.
  2. Изпращайки материали до който и да е от сървърите на уеб сайта, чрез електронна поща или посредством включително, но не само, Потребителят приема, че:

2.1. Материалите и информацията в/с тях не съдържат нищо, което противоречи на приложимото право или по някакъв начин е неподходящо за публикуване.

2.2. Съгласявате се да не разпространявате каквато и да е част или части от Уебсайта или Услугата, включително, но не само Съдържание, независимо от медиума, без предварителното писмено съгласие на дентална клиника „Маринова Дентал“.

2.3. Трябва да използва всички подходящи средства, за да открие и отстрани всякакви вредни или деструктивни елементи и програми, преди да изпрати материалите и информацията в/с тях.


The information available at should in no way be construed as a consultation. Any actions of the User related to his health, rights and legitimate interests should be made after proper consultation with a specialist in the relevant field.

The information provided on can be general and abstract. Its correct application in practice depends on the correct, including legal, qualification of many facts from the specific life situation, which may not be described on This is the reason why Marinova Dental does not bear any responsibility in case the User applies the information in a different, more complex situation or a situation with specifics, as a result of which the User is harmed.
By submitting materials to any of the servers of the website, by e-mail or through including, but not limited to, the User agrees that:

2.1. The materials and the information in them do not contain anything that contradicts the applicable law or is in any way inappropriate for publication.

2.2. You agree not to distribute any part or parts of the Website or the Service, including but not limited to Content, regardless of the medium, without the prior written consent of Marinova Dental Dental Clinic.

2.3. He must use all appropriate means to detect and remove any harmful or destructive elements and programs before sending the materials and information to / with them.


Dental Clinic Marinova Dental, as a socially responsible organization, appreciates the feedback of the User.

Marinova Dental guarantees that the sending of messages to the User takes place only after an explicit request by the User through the special contact form. By registering his e-mail address in the special contact form, the User agrees to receive notifications about the new materials published on and other up-to-date information about the project.
The user has the right at any time to refuse to receive messages through the e-newsletter of
Marinova Dental reserves the right to contact the User for the purposes of inquiries / surveys related to the quality of services and information provided.
The inquiries / surveys referred to in this point can be carried out both through the virtual environment and in particular some of the online channels of Marinova Dental in connection with, and in various physical ways, including, but not limited to, brochures , newsletters, cards, questionnaires, opinion polls, etc.
The purpose of the surveys / surveys is to improve the service and quality of the materials provided on and the level of the project.


The information provided on is general and abstract.

Its topicality is monitored by the team of Marinova Dental, but there may be omissions in terms of partial or even complete changes, including in the legislative regime. In case of discrepancies between the information indicated on the site and the legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria or the European Union, the User has the opportunity to contact the team of Marinova Dental and to indicate the discrepancy.

– Dental Clinic Marinova Dental reserves the right to check the signal and, if necessary, to take action to eliminate it.


Marinova Dental reserves the right to change or renew the terms and conditions of the website, as and when deemed necessary. The General Terms and Conditions published on are considered valid.


– Dental Clinic Marinova Dental, through does NOT collect / process / store personal data. Marinova Dental follows the rules of this document and the principles for working with personal data under the applicable law and the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Bulgaria.

– collects only statistical data regarding the visits to the site, which are not related to the personal data of the User.


By using and the information in it, the User expresses his unconditional consent to these General Terms and Conditions, for which he receives the right to use free of charge for personal and non-commercial purposes.


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