Orthopedic dentistry

Orthopedic dentistry involves the making of crowns, bridges, veneers and removable dentures. This is the part of dentistry that brings back the beauty of your smile. Even if we face a difficult task, this is not a problem for Marinova Dental as we offer a complete set of orthopedic solutions for your dental health and beauty. The usual orthopedic cases and solutions are the following:

Ортопедична стоматология в Marinova Dental Clinic
  • When the teeth are damaged in order to preserve them, crowns that are either zirconium or metal-ceramic are placed.
  • When there are missing teeth, bridges are built.
  • Facets are used in the frontal part of the dental row in one of the following cases: when the teeth are slightly curved, when the color is altered after an incorrect endodontic treatment, in the case of multiple fillings or if there is a distance between the teeth.
  • When a large number of teeth are missing, movable dentures are made.
Ортопедична стоматология в Marinova Dental Clinic


Preparation for treatment

Before undergoing orthopedic treatment, the patient’s bite and dental X-rays are analyzed, facial arc values are taken, dental prints are taken and sent to a laboratory where a wax model is made, which is then followed during the orthopedic treatment .

Guaranteed quality in orthopedic dentistry

In order to earn our reputation as a preferred place for orthopedic dentistry in Sofia, we work with some of the best dental technicians in Bulgaria and use the highest quality materials and methods in modern dentistry.

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