Surgical dentistry

Implant placement (titanium screw in the bone)
Implant placed (integration into the bone)
Abutment placement
The treatment is completed with a crown on the implant

Surgical dentistry (dental surgery) is the branch of dentistry that deals with the surgical treatment of teeth. If you are looking for a surgical treatment in ‘Iztok’, Sofia, we offer a number of solutions for problems of this type, including:

Хирургична стоматология в Marinova Dental Clinic

Impacted wisdom teeth

Extraction of teeth that cannot be otherwise cured

This procedure is necessary in one of the following cases: broken teeth, deeply damaged teeth, teeth cracked during endodontic treatment, purulent infection of the tooth, loss of periodontal tissues.

Operation of cysts and granulomas

It is required when the tooth has a chance of being saved with combined endodontic and surgical treatment. The surgery here is to cut the tip of the tooth (apex) together with the granola (purulent sac around the tip).

Surgical dentistry of impacted wisdom teeth

Very often, wisdom teeth are positioned in such a way that they are either prevented from penetrating into the oral cavity or they might cause damage to the bite and inflammation. In these cases, surgical treatment is needed.

Placing implants in the absence of teeth

We are working with the Straumann, the Ankylos and the Alpha Bio systems. The Straumann system is the leading one in modern implantology. Implant placement is only done after a detailed scanner analysis of the jaw. Implantology is the part of dentistry that has undergone the most rapid development in recent years. We are keeping up with all the new trends in this branch of dental medicine. Thus, Dr. Marinova’s clinic is one of the best prepared dental practices when it comes to implantology in Sofia.

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