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Dr. Esmeralda Marinova is a dentist with a degree in polyvalent dentistry from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Sofia. In 1991 she began her career as a pediatric dentist at the 25th Polyclinic in the neighbourhood of ‘Mladost’ – an experience that has been helping her deal with children’s dental problems throughout her whole career.

Dr. Marinova started her private practice in the neighbourhood of  ‘Mladost’ in 1997. Six years later, Dr. Marinova moved her practice to ‘Iztok’, where since then she has been welcoming people as patients and has been sending them home as friends – happily smiled friends.

Today’s world is developing at a rapid pace and dentistry is also part of this development. To keep up with the trends of modern dental medicine, Dr. Marinova constantly invests in the development of her knowledge in the fields of endodontics and aesthetic dentistry by attending a number of lectures and seminars. A testimony of the modernity and the innovativeness of the work approach of the clinic are the multiple appearances of Dr. Marinova in television programs as a specialist in various fields of dentistry.

Dr. Marinova

Education and certificates

    • 1987 – Graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Sofia
    • 1994 – Specialty ‘Polyvalent Dentistry

    Dr. Marinova constantly invests in gaining new knowledge in the fields of endodontics, aesthetics and restorative dental medicine by attending lectures and seminars led by renowned international speakers:

    • Jan Bergmans
    • Stephen Buchanan
    • Mouse
    • Joshua Moshonov
    • Gary Glassman
    • Dieti
    • Sergei Radlinsky and others
    • In 2011, Dr. Marinova received an invitation from GC to participate in a Composite Restoration and Aesthetics course in Leuven, Belgium
    • Marinova is a member of BES (Bulgarian Endodontic Society)

Meet the Team

The faces of Marinova Dental Clinic

Dr. Mihaela-Zhechkova

Dr. Mihaela Zhechkova


Dr. Mihaela Zhechkova joins Marinova Dental in 2020. She graduated from the Medical University of Sofia. She loves pediatric dentistry, periodontology and aesthetic dentistry. She approaches every dental case with enthusiasm and attention and she is waiting for you at Marinova Dental.
Dental Assistant Veska Shtrakova

Veska Shtarkova

Dental assistant

Veska Shtarkova graduated from the Medical College in Stara Zagora in 1998 with a degree in rehabilitation.
Since 2012 she has been working as a dental assistant.
She has been a part of Marinova Dental since 11.05.2020.
Veska is an exceptional professional with a constant dedication and a wide smile that win over the trust of each patient.

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