Endodontics (root canal treatment)

Endodontics or root treatment is the treatment of the dental pulp. The dental pulp is a tissue made up of nerves, blood vessels and other tissues located inside the tooth. Its function is related to the growth of the tooth (crown and root), and then carries out the physiological response to various irritants throughout life. The specialty endodontics deals with the biology, physiology, pathology and treatment of the dental pulp.

Mature tooth with granoloma
Creating access
Clearing the bacteria in the canal
The tooth is disinfected and sealed and a crown is placed

Endodontics has been Dr. Marinova‘s passion since 1992, when she started mastering her skills in this in this branch of dentistry. Since then, Dr. Marinova has attended numerous courses and seminars led by the best experts in the field. There are no easy-to-solve cases in root treatment, but when you love your job, it is the complex tasks that become most enjoyable. Therefore, helping our patients is always a great joy to us.

Кореново лечение в Marinova Dental Clinic

Lateral condensation treatment

The excellent root canal treatment

Two of the main prerequisites for excellent endodontics are the presence of a professional microscope and the use of cofferdam, a latex canvas, which ensures sterility during the working process and protects the mucous membrane from burning. In our clinic we have both, complementing them with professionalism and a full range of equipment needed for excellent endodontics: apex locator – a device that measures the length of the canals, an endodontic motor, which mechanically processes the canals and a plasticization and hermetic sealing apparatus. The passion we put into our work and the use of first-class materials and equipment make us the preferred place for many in Sofia when it comes to root canal treatment.

Stages of treatment

The treatment includes: anesthetization, co-morphing, removal of inflamed pulp, subsequent formation, thorough cleaning of the root canal system, disinfection and hermetic sealing of the ducts. The sealing of the cleaned and disinfected ducts is done with gutta-percha and cement based on epoxy resin – siler. The purpose of the epoxy resin is to bond the gutta-percha to the walls of the duct, after which the gutta-percha is plasticized by hot sealing, which guarantees the sealing of the duct.

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